11. Prophecy concerning his Death

12 Apr

Ahmad (as) claimed he had two or three years more to live in 1905. Accordingly, he passed away in 1908

At the end of the year 1905,  Ahmad (as) received repeated revelations on the subject of his own nearing death. In a dream he was shown two or three mouthfuls of water in an earthen pot. It meant, he said that only two or three years remained of his life. This was confirmed by a revelation received after the dream. Then another revelation was received:

“The time of your destined death is near”

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) then wrote a booklet Al-wasiyyat (The Will) in which he recorded his last testament to the community. In it he reassured his followers that God Almighty will manifest His power for a second time after he was gone.He also received the following revelation about a year before his demise:

“A sad piece of news has been received from Lahore.” (Badr, Vol. VI, No. 27, July 4, 1907, p. 7)

On 14th March, 1907, another revelation foretold :
“..have brought his dead body wrapped in a coffin” [Al-hakm]

When he journeyed to Lahore in April, 1908, he received repeated revelations of his imminent death. A week before his demise on the 20th of May, 1908, God spoke to him saying:

"It is time to March and death is near" - May 20, 1908

“the time of departure is imminent and death is near

Another revelation clearly stated:

“An event on the 27th.”  “Allah is the best and everlasting” (Dec 1907)

One night before he passed away, he received another revelation:

“Do not trust the mortal age”.

He told everyone in the house about this revelation and said that it was regarding his own self.

Then just when he fell ill on the night of the 25th and his wife asked him what was about to happen, he said “this is what I had been foretelling”. Thus, he knew very clearly that the time for leaving this world had come! God had been continuously talking to him and informing him of this day.

Ahmad (as) passes away

He passed away on the morning of the 26th in Lahore and his funeral prayer was held in Qadian, India on the 27th of May, 1908. The event on the 27th had been foretold before.

He passed away in Lahore and his funeral (the event) took place on the 27th and his body was brought to Qadian wrapped in a coffin. In what clearer words could his demise have been foretold? Glory be to Allah.

We saw earlier that Ahmad (as) prophecized his age when in his youth. In the end of 1905, he declared that just two or three years remained. Who informed him of his life and who informed him of his death? Why did he not live more than three years from 1905? Indeed God reveals His designs to His chosen ones. In his life was a sign and in his death was yet another for the seekers of truth.


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  1. khalid nawaz

    April 12, 2011 at 10:40 am

    I did a research on the date of birth of the promised messiah (as)

    it will help also in determine the age of the hazrat messiah maood (as)


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