7. Prince Dalip Singh

10 Apr

Prince Dalip Singh

I now pass on to a prophecy which on fulfilment proved a sign for Sikhs and demonstrated to them the truth of Islam and the authenticity of the Promised Messiah (as).

It so happened that when the British annexed the Punjab they decided for obvious political and psychological reasons to send away to England the young heir to the Sikh throne, Prince Dalip Singh. He was to stay there until British rule became established in the Punjab. After the mutiny of 1857, however, the last vestiges of the Mughal power in Delhi disappeared and everything seemed safe for the British. Raja Dalip Singh expressed the desire to return home. Rumor spread that the Prince was returning to India.

Ahmad (as), however, had a revelation that the Prince would not return. He informed many people about it, especially Hindus. In one of his leaflets he predicted that a returning Punjab prince was going to encounter trouble. At the time of the publication of this prophecy nobody imagined that the Prince’s return home would be stopped; in fact, it was understood that he would soon set foot on his native soil. But just about this time the British Government changed their mind. They decided that the Prince’s return would be dangerous for the Government. As the news of his return spread, the Sikhs became more and more restive. Their thoughts turned to the recent past. The British authorities began to fear trouble.

The steamer which carried the returning Prince reached Aden. He was stopped at Aden and ordered back to England. The news of this last-minute change came when everybody was least expecting it. The Sikhs felt very resentful.

Who informed Ahmad (as) of the Prince’s failure to return even when he had set off from Britain? Indeed God informs his messengers of future events.

*(as) = alaih-e-ssalam = on whom be peace

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