16. Disease finds miraculous cure

A Hindu Arya man by the name of Mulawamal came to the Promised Messiah (as) to request prayers for his health. He had been suffering from tuberculosis for quite some time and his condition had become critical.

The Promised Messiah (as) records: “He came to me one day and wept bitterly in his despair. I was deeply affected by his distress and supplicated God the One on his behalf and as God had decreed his health, I immediately received the revelation (Arabic):

We commanded the fire to become cool and safe.”

The Promised Messiah (as) would later see in a dream that he was pulling the Arya man out of his grave.

The Promised Messiah then assured the man and other Hindus who were living in that town that his health would be restored and that he would be granted a full recovery.

The supplication of the Promised Messiah (as) was enough to cure a man of a disease in a week which even in the 21st century takes 6 months to fully cure through various drugs. From this event we are reminded that God listens to his chosen people and helps them in extraordinary ways. Truly, the prayer of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) for the sick, “O Lord of the people, remove this pain and cure it, You are the one who cures and there is no one besides You who can cure, grant such a cure that no illness remains” highlights the significance of prayer and the trust the Promised Messiah had in God.

*(as) = alaih-e-ssalam = on whom be peace

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15. Truth Reaches London

Baitul Futuh Mosque in London is the largest in Western Europe

In the 1800’s a man who lived in a remote village of India made a claim of being the promised reformer of the latter days – the one all religions are awaiting. In the beginning, his followers were small in number – a house sufficed for their prayer services. Since then, the community he established has reached tens of millions of members worldwide. He had prophesized all of this a hundred years prior. In particular, he mentioned about the English and how they would accept his message.

He relates in his writings:

“I saw in a vision that I was standing on a pulpit in the city of London and was setting forth the truth of Islam in the English language, in a very well-reasoned address. Thereafter I caught several birds that were sitting upon small trees and were of white color and their bodies resembled the bodies of partridges.

I interpreted this vision as meaning that though I would not be able to travel to that country but that my writings will be published there and many righteous English people will accept the truth.” (Izala Auham pp. 515-516).

We see, almost a hundred years after his prophecy, that London has become the center of this community and hundreds of Englishmen have already embraced Ahmadiyyat – his community.

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14. Followers Shall Excel

Dr Abdus Salam, a devout Ahmadi Muslim, Receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics

So far there are four fundamental forces that have been discovered to govern the laws of nature. These include: Gravity, electromagnetism, strong force and weak force. All of the physics formulas that exist today are derivations of these fundamental forces. Although the electromagnetic and weak forces appear very different, a theory by Dr. Abdus Salam – an Ahmadi Muslim – proved they were different aspects of the same force. This force was named the electroweak interaction. Two other scientists, working independently, also described this unified force and shared the Nobel Prize with Dr. Abdus Salam in 1979.

Interestingly, God had already revealed to the Promised Messiah (as), more than a century prior of the success that Dr. Abdus Salam and many other Ahmadis of a wide variety of fields would achieve.

Ahmad (as) relates in his writings:

“A few days ago God Almighty vouchsafed to me the following revelation (Arabic): Tell them: If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will then love you. I shall cause thee to die and shall raise thee towards Me and shall place those who follow thee above those who reject thee till the Day of Judgment. They ask: Whence have you obtained this? Tell them: Allah is Wonderful, He chooses whom He wills from among His servants. The verse: I shall place those who follow thee above those who reject thee till the Day of Judgment; has been revealed to me many times, so many times that God alone knows the count, and with such emphasis that it has been planted firmly in my heart like steel. This indicates that God Almighty will greatly bless all those friends who follow my way and will place them above those who follow other ways and this superiority shall be maintained till the Day of Judgment.

The Promised Messiah (as) in another writing also related,

“He has conveyed to me that my followers will excel so much in knowledge and insight that they will confound all others with the light of their truth and their reasoning and their signs.”

Surely, an Ahmadi scientist being able to unify two of the fundamental forces of nature was not just a coincidence, but of a direct consequence of the above prophecies. Dr. Abdus Salam, along with the thousands of other Ahmadi physicians, lawyers, professors and many other professionals all around the world are living examples of the rewards of believing in the messiah of the age.

Another prominent Ahmadi Muslim intellectual, renowned internationally, is Chaudhry Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan. Khan was a lawyer who served as the first foreign minister of Pakistan. He later on served as a judge at the International Court of Justice at The Hague and as president of the UN General Assembly (1962-1962).

*(as) = alaih-e-ssalam = on whom be peace

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13. Sudden Death of Pandit Sahaj Ram

In the 1860’s the Promised Messiah (as) made a prophecy regarding the death of Pandit Sahaj Ram who was a reader in the Court of the Commissioner in Amritsar, Punjab and was extremely prejudiced against Islam.

Sahaj Ram, at one time had also worked for the Deputy Commissioner in Sialkot. Ahmad (as), also having spent time in a court in Sialkot for some time, got to know Sahaj Ram. Consequently, Sahaj Ram and the Promised Messiah (as) had many discussions on religion – with Sahaj Ram showing extreme hostility towards Islam.

It so happened that the Promised Messiah’s (as) elder brother, Mirza Ghulam Qadir, just having passed his examinations, was in search of a district level administrative post similar to that of Sahaj Ram’s. Mirza Ghulam Qadir and six or seven people were sitting together and talking on the matter of his post.

Earlier that same day, the Promised Messiah (as) saw a vision while he was reading the Holy Quran. He saw that Sahaj Ram was dressed in black and stood before him in great humility and supplication as if he was trying to persuade the Promised Messiah (as) to intercede for him. In the vision, Ahmad (as) said to him: “There is no time left for mercy”. With this vision, the Promised Messiah (as) sensed that Sahaj Ram had died at that very instant.

The Promised Messiah (as) then descended to the group where his brother and his friend were talking and intervened: “Should Sahaj Ram die, his post would also be suitable”. The people who heard this, laughed at him for announcing the death of a man who appeared to show no signs of ailment.

On the second or third day, however, news arrived that Pandit Sahaj Ram had indeed died suddenly at the very hour when the Ahmad (as) had seen his vision.  [Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, pg. 309 (Urdu edition)].

Near the time of his death, Sahaj Ram was still young and in good health – but the prophecy of the Promised Messiah still held true. It is worth noting that at the time of this event, Ahmad (as) had not yet claimed to be the Promised Messiah.

*(as) = alaih-e-ssalam = on whom be peace

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12. “Kings Shall Seek Blessings From Thy Garments”

A piece from the blessed garment of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

A piece from the blessed garment of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

This is one of the earliest revelations of Ahmad (as). The Promised Messiah (as) writes:

“A strange revelation was vouchsafed to me in Urdu in 1868 or 1869. It happened in this wise. When Maulvi Mohammad Hussain of Batala, who had at one time been my fellow student, came back to Batala after finishing his divinity studies and the people of Batala looked askance at him on account of some of his notions and ideas, one person was very insistent with me that I should debate a point in dispute with Maulvi  Mohammad Hussain. Yielding to his insistence I accompanied this man at evening time to Maulvi Mohammad Hussain and found him in the company of his father in the Mosque.

On hearing the explanation of Maulvi Mohammad Hussain, I concluded that there was nothing objectionable in his statement and consequently, for the sake and pleasure of Allah, I declined to enter into a debate with him. The same night the revelation came to me from Allah, the Noble, with reference to this incident:

“Thy God is well pleased with what thou hast done. He will bless thee greatly, so much so that Kings will seek blessings from thy garments.” (Braheen Ahmadiyya Part IV pp. 520-521. sub footnote 3).

In a vision, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) was shown these fortunate kings, no less than half a dozen in number, riding upon horses. This, he believed, was a reward of the extreme humility he had shown purely for the sake of God and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Because he found no fault with Batalwi’s argument, he did not find it righteous to enter into any debate just for his personal ego or to please the group of people that had gathered to see Batalwi humiliated. He says:

“As I had adopted an attitude of humility purely for the sake of God and His Messenger, the Absolutely Benevolent did not desire to leave me unrewarded”  (Braheen Ahmadiyya Part IV pp. 520-521. sub footnote 3).

This revelation was vouchsafed to him not once, but on numerous occasions. At one place, Ahmad (as) writes:

“Allah, the Lord of glory, has also given me the good tidings that some of the nobility and of kings will also join our group. He vouchsafed to me the revelation: I shall bestow blessing upon blessing upon thee, so much so that kings will seek blessings from thy garments”   (Barakat-ud-Doa p. 30).

And at another place, he recorded his revelation thus:

“I shall manifest My flash and shall raise thee with My power and shall spread thy blessings till kings shall seek blessings from thy garments. A warner came into the world and the world accepted him not but God shall accept him and will demonstrate his truth with powerful assaults.”  (Anjam Atham pp. 51-62).

It is worthy of note that this revelation first came at a time when the Promised Messiah (as) had not even made his claim. He was a simple man, unheard of outside Qadian and even the people of his own village didn’t know him well. In such circumstances, he claimed that God had told him that kings would seek blessings from his garments. This indeed was a strange prophecy and definitely not one he could fulfill with all the means at his disposal. The prophecy entailed that his honor and dignity would be raised and exalted higher than kings and they would feel pride in loving and following him and would get blessings from his garments.

King Seeks Blessing

Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (ra), the third successor to the Promised Messiah (as)

This revelation saw its first literal fulfillment in the caliphate of Mirza Nasir Ahmad (ra), the third Khalifa (caliph) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

His Excellency, Al-Haj Sir Farimang .M. Singhateh, the Governor General of The Gambia (a small country on the west coast of Africa) wrote to the Khalifa seeking blessings from the clothes of the Promised Messiah (as). Mirza Nasir Ahmad (ra) accepted his wish and a piece of cloth cut from the Promised Messiah’s (as) garment was dispatched to him. The piece bore the signature and stamp of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III (the third caliph of the Messiah) and date.

Maulvi Abdul Rehman Anwar, private sectary to the Khalifa, wrote the forwarding letter. Acknowledging the receipt of the cloth, His Excellency Al-Haj Sir F.M. Singhateh wrote back to the private sectary in the following words:

Government House,
Bathurst, The Gambia

Dear Mr. Abdul Rehman Anwar,

Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon you,

Thank you for your letter dated 27th June 1966. You must have learnt from Syedna Ameerul Momineen Khalifatul Masih III that the registered letter was received with great joy. My family joins me in sending you their love together with the members of the Jamaat.

Yours sincerely,

Sd/- Al-Haj Sir F.M. Singhateh
Governor General,

Glory be to Allah! How wonderfully this prophecy, like other prophecies of the Promised Messiah (as) came true literally! Who could have thought that a simple man in rural India would be honored by kings of such far-away lands. Ahmad (as) faced severe opposition and was branded heretic by the religious clergy of his time.Despite all sorts of persecution, threats and strong opposition, his love in the hearts of men only grew, so much so that kings sought blessings from his clothes.

Other Kings Seek Blessings

Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the 5th caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community with African Kings

The first fulfillment came in 1966, almost a 100 years after the first time this revelation was vouchsafed to the Promised Messiah (as). Thereafter, many kings have received pieces of his garments on the occasion of the International Annual Gathering of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Jalsa Salana U.K, from the hands of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV and V (The fourth and fifth caliphs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community respectively). These include kings from the francophone countries of West Africa.

Glory be to Allah! This is just the beginning of the fulfillment of his prophecy because many other kings will join the movement inshAllah and become his sincere followers. Such is Allah’s will!  How did a man who had not laid claim to being a reformer yet go on to prophesize such great things about himself and how come they came true!  It is God who talks to His Chosen ones and gives them knowledge of future events and happenings and makes them perform miracles! This was indeed one of them! The Promised Messiah (as) wrote:

“I saw in a dream a group of sincere believers and just and righteous kings some of whom belonged to India, some to Arabia some to Iran and some to Syria, some to Turkey and some to other regions of which I am not aware and God revealed to me that they will affirm my righteousness and will believe in me and will call down blessings upon me and will pray for me. God said to me: I shall bestow great blessings upon thee, so much so that kings will seek blessings from thy garments and will be included amongst thy sincere followers.”

This is the story of how the simple clothes of an unknown villager in a remote town in India become a source of blessing for kings and rulers. This he had prophecized in his very early days!

“In a vision I was shown the kings who were riding upon horses and I was told: Those are the ones who will carry the yoke of thy obedience on their necks and God will bless them.” (Tajalliat Ilahiyya p. 21 foot note).

“This is the vision that I saw and  this is the revelation that was vouchsafed to me by God the All Knowing.” (Lujja-tun-Noor pp. 3-4).

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11. Prophecy concerning his Death

Ahmad (as) claimed he had two or three years more to live in 1905. Accordingly, he passed away in 1908

At the end of the year 1905,  Ahmad (as) received repeated revelations on the subject of his own nearing death. In a dream he was shown two or three mouthfuls of water in an earthen pot. It meant, he said that only two or three years remained of his life. This was confirmed by a revelation received after the dream. Then another revelation was received:

“The time of your destined death is near”

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) then wrote a booklet Al-wasiyyat (The Will) in which he recorded his last testament to the community. In it he reassured his followers that God Almighty will manifest His power for a second time after he was gone.He also received the following revelation about a year before his demise:

“A sad piece of news has been received from Lahore.” (Badr, Vol. VI, No. 27, July 4, 1907, p. 7)

On 14th March, 1907, another revelation foretold :
“..have brought his dead body wrapped in a coffin” [Al-hakm]

When he journeyed to Lahore in April, 1908, he received repeated revelations of his imminent death. A week before his demise on the 20th of May, 1908, God spoke to him saying:

"It is time to March and death is near" - May 20, 1908

“the time of departure is imminent and death is near

Another revelation clearly stated:

“An event on the 27th.”  “Allah is the best and everlasting” (Dec 1907)

One night before he passed away, he received another revelation:

“Do not trust the mortal age”.

He told everyone in the house about this revelation and said that it was regarding his own self.

Then just when he fell ill on the night of the 25th and his wife asked him what was about to happen, he said “this is what I had been foretelling”. Thus, he knew very clearly that the time for leaving this world had come! God had been continuously talking to him and informing him of this day.

Ahmad (as) passes away

He passed away on the morning of the 26th in Lahore and his funeral prayer was held in Qadian, India on the 27th of May, 1908. The event on the 27th had been foretold before.

He passed away in Lahore and his funeral (the event) took place on the 27th and his body was brought to Qadian wrapped in a coffin. In what clearer words could his demise have been foretold? Glory be to Allah.

We saw earlier that Ahmad (as) prophecized his age when in his youth. In the end of 1905, he declared that just two or three years remained. Who informed him of his life and who informed him of his death? Why did he not live more than three years from 1905? Indeed God reveals His designs to His chosen ones. In his life was a sign and in his death was yet another for the seekers of truth.


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10. Prophecy about his Age

Original Revelation of Ahmad (as) about his age in Arabic

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) received the following revelation around the year 1965.

“Your age will be eighty years – a few years less or some years more and you will live long enough to witness your distant progeny” [Tadhkirah page 9]

He was around 30 years at the time of this revelation. The prophecy said that he would live almost another four to five decades. He elaborated on the prophecy thus:

“The real words about the promise in the revelation assign the age between 74 and 86”  [Zamima Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol 5 page 97 margin]

Then it was revealed to Ahmad (as) in 1891:

“We shall bestow upon you a good life; eighty years or thereabouts” [Tadhkirah page 243]

This same revelation was repeated again in the year 1900. The prophecy was repeated one more time in the Urdu language in 1906.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) with some of his companions

This was a grand prophecy. It was grand because of two reasons, both beyond the control of man. Firstly, it meant that Ahmad (as) would not die before the assigned age. Most Muslim clerics in India had turned against Ahmad (as) and had branded him a heretic. He was also hated by some Christian Missionaries and Arya Samaj activists whom he had directly challenged and defeated in debates. There had been attempts on his life and he had no extra protection from the government either. Yet, he prophecized that no one would be able to harm him and he would live a comfortable long life.

Secondly, it also meant that he wouldn’t live beyond the assigned age. Living to the age of ninety for instance would have proved the prophecy wrong.

Thus, according to this prophecy, Ahmad (as) passed away at the ripe age of 75 and half years.

How his age was calculated

Some opponents question his age at demise. To calculate the age of any person, we need to know their birth date and date of demise.

Date of Demise
Ahmad (as) passed away on the 24th of Rabbi-us-Sani 1326 AH (Islamic Calendar), or 26th May, 1908.

Date of Birth
His date of birth is NOT recorded in any book because at the time of his birth, it wasn’t a custom to remember dates of birth and there was no official registration as well. Different writings contain different estimates of his age. Ahmad (as) writes:

“God knows the real age but according to my knowledge, my age is near 70 years at present in the year 1323 AH. God knows best” [Zamima Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol 5 page 193]

This shows he wasn’t sure of his age but there are certain signs and clues in his writings using which we can calculate his true date of birth, which calculates to the 14th of Shawwal 1250 AH or 13th February, 1835 (a Friday).

Calculating Ahmad’s (as) Date of Birth

The following evidence has been helpful in calculating his date of birth: The Promised Messiah (as) writes:

“This humble one was born in the month of Phalguna on a Friday on the 14th night of the moon” [Zikr-e-habib by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib pages 238 & 239]

His date of birth can be scientifically calculated by checking what date coincides with:

1. The Hindu month of Phalguna
2. 14th lunar night
3. Friday.

The 14th of the lunar calendar in the month of Phalguna coincided with a Friday in the years 1832 and 1835. [For detailed steps of the scientific calculation, click here]. When we analyze other writings of Ahmad (as), we come to know that this is his true date of birth. He writes:

“This is strange and I see it as a sign of God that right in the year 1290 AH, this humble self had attained communion with God”[Haqiqatul Wahi page 199, first edition]

At another place, he writes:

“when I reached the age of 40, God blessed me with his word and revelation” [Taryaqul-Quloob, page 68 first edition]

Then in another place, he writes in one of his poetic verses:

“I was 40 years old in this world; When I was blessed with God’s revelation”

This confirms his year of birth being 1250 AH.

To summarize, it has been proven beyond doubt that that the Ahmad’s (as) date of birth was 14th Shawal, 1250 or 13th February, 1935, on a blessed Friday. Thus his age at demise calculates to be 75 years, 6 months and 10 days which is in perfect fulfillment of the revelation!


Opponents of Ahmad (as) present certain writings that seem to prove that his age was less than what it calculates to be. It is important to understand that those wordings do NOT mention an accurate date but an estimate only. There are numerous people in the third world even today who do not know their dates of birth and can only estimate their age. Most people in the villages of India and Pakistan respond to the question of their age in words such as ‘almost forty’, ‘between ‘seventy and eighty’ etc. Ahmad (as) lived almost two centuries back. His not knowing his exact date of birth is no surprise. All his writings mentioning his age are mere estimates.

However as shown above, scientific calculations have been employed to calculate Ahmad’s (as) exact date of birth.

“On 23rd of August, 1903 a leaflet was published from me against Dowie which states that I am around 70 years in age and Dowie, as he mentions, is a young man of 50.” [Tatma Haqiqatul Wahi page 71 and Majmooa-ishtaharat vol 3 page 564]

If Ahmad (as) was 70 in the year 1903, at his death in 1908, his age calculates to 75 by the Solar calendar and 77 by the Lunar calendar.

Testimony Of His Opponents

1) Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari who was a staunch opponent of Ahmad (as) writes:

“Mirza Sahib has said that his demise would be near 80 years of age and perhaps he has fulfilled all those conditions” [Ahl-e-hadith 3rd May 1907 page 3 column2]

In 1907, Maulvi Sanaullah was questioning why Ahmad (as) hadn’t died when according to prophecy, the time had come! Exactly after one year, Ahmad (as) passed away.

2) Maulvi Sanaullah probably wanted to prove that Ahmad (as) had reached 75 years of age and should die now according to his own prophecy. He writes in another place:

“A person who is older than 70 years of age (as is Mirza sahib himself)…” [Tafseer-e-sanai Matbooa 1899 Hashia 4 under ayat Inni mutawaffeeqa ]

If his age was more than 70 years according to Maulvi Sanaullah in the year 1899, at his demise in 1908, his age calculates to be: 70 +9 = more than 79 years of age.

3) Another blood-thirsty enemy of Ahmad (as), Maulvi Hussain Batalwi, wrote in Risala Isha’at-us-sunnah vol 15, page 191 in 1893 thus:

“He’s already 63 years old..”.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) remained alive for 15 years after this! Thus his age according to Batalwi would calculate to 63 + 15 = 78 years.

Another reason why Batalwi’s testimony is more valid that his other adversaries is that he was Ahmad’s (as) close friend from childhood and would have a better idea of his age.

In the presence of such clear testimony of even his opponents, the allegation that his age at demise was not as predicted stands no ground.

Ahmad (as) also prophecized his own death

Ahmad (as) himself prophecised his own demise in clear words not just three years before his death but subsequently on numerous occasions. This is discussed in the next blog entry.

In short, the age prophecy was another grand prophecy that met fulfillment at God’s hand for it is outside man’s power to predict his age in his days of youth. The Prophecy was fulfilled literally and points to the truth of the Promised Messiah (as). Who on earth can predict his age at demise in his robust youth? Indeed it is only one bestowed with the knowledge of the future, knowledge from the all-knowing God!

*(as) = alaih-e-ssalam = on whom be peace

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